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Spotlight: Happiness

What you focus on expands, which is why we’re launching into 2019 with an evening devoted to happiness — but this isn’t all blue skies and buttercups. We’ve gathered the best and brightest minds to share some truths and science on happiness, and as always, conversation will be key. 

  • Can one really cultivate happiness habits?

  • Could the words Good Morning actually hold the key to a happier way of being?

  • Can movement actually improve the mind?

  • Can mindfulness transform us?

  • Here’s a biggie - what exactly is happiness and could defining it make it easier to attain?

We’re diving in ladies, and we can’t wait to see you! Wine and appetizers will be served.

HAPPY New Year!


Laura Musikanski

Laura Musikanski is executive director of the Happiness Alliance (, a nonprofit providing tools and resources for a happiness revolution, including the Happiness Index. Laura is also co-founder of the Happiness Roundtable, a project convening grassroots happiness movement leadership, and Planet Happiness, a project bringing the Happiness Index to World Heritage Sites to address issues of over tourism and sustainability. 

Laura is co-author of the Happiness Policy Handbook, due for publication in Fall 2019 by New Society Publishing. She has conduced professional trainings for the happiness movement leadership since 2006. Laura is a lawyer who holds an MBA and certificates in environmental management from the University of Washington, where she also taught sustainability reporting for the MBA program.

Tabitha Kirkland

Tabitha Kirkland, Ph.D., is a social psychologist and lecturer at the University of Washington and a registered yoga teacher. In her university class on happiness, students learn both the scientific research supporting happiness habits as well as practical activities that have been shown to have a positive impact. Her other favorite teaching topics include social psychology, emotion, and the psychology of human-computer interaction. Off campus, she can be found hiking and skiing in the many mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

Katie Swartz

Katie is a counselor, coach and meditation teacher based in Bellevue, WA. Prior to her private practice, Katie held numerous leadership positions within the network technology space. Her approach is compassionate, straight forward; based on biology and soul. Her work supports her clients in developing a deeper knowing of their authentic nature, past fear and confusion to a fuller way of living. 

Jenifer Fuqua

Jenifer is a skilled transformational consultant who brings a broad range of expertise and tools to guide her clients through the process of change. She is a gifted instructor and group facilitator who shares tangible life skills that transform lives. The tools she shares are simple yet powerful, and can be applied daily and in every type of relationship and situation. Jenifer empowers her clients with experiential learning, inspiring healthy life transformations, new perspectives and a more peaceful life experience.

Jenifer has extensive experience serving individuals, families and organizations. Having owned her own business for over 15 years, she has a robust list of clients ranging in age, cultural background, and profession. Jenifer is passionate about learning and helping others grow. She has a deep and strong belief in the resilience of the human spirit, and the power we each have of creating change. Her passion and finely tuned skills are believable and contagious, making learning with her fun and productive.

Ali Ghambari

Ghambari speaks about the power behind the words, "Good Morning." How that impacts his life and the lives of the thousands of individuals who walk through his Seattle coffee shop on a daily basis. Ali Ghambari is a successful entrepreneur who has discovered a different way to approach business. In a saturated coffee market, Ghambari has been extremely successful at growing his business over the last 25 years to 11 locations around the Northwest region. Cherry Street Coffee is home to the current international barista champion and his business serves thousands of customers everyday.

Mary Hable

Mary Hable's primary role is in research and curriculum development for Precision Nutrition. She additionally works as a movement and nutrition coach out of Métier Seattle, and in freelance consulting through Noise and Signal. Prior to freelance, she worked for five years in Corporate Environmental Sustainability, with Kohl's Department Stores and Brooks Running. She holds a degree in Applied Economics from the University of MN.

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